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CERT Mission

Clay County CERT's mission is doing the greatest good for the greatest number: before, during, and after a disaster.

Our mission is accomplished by providing a whole community effort to plan, prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate disasters while easing the associated impacts on area residents and first responders. Clay County CERT will utilize and serve a diverse and inclusive group of partners, volunteers, and leaders while ensuring service across all sectors of our community.

Approaching disasters in a way that calls for the support of volunteers, Clay County CERT strives to leave a lasting impact on the past, present, and future of disaster coordination in the communities we serve.

CERT Core Values

Clay County CERT's core values of reliability, efficiency, commitment, honesty, transparency, and respect serve as the solid foundation of what our organization, volunteers, and leadership stand for and believe make a resource our community members can rely on in times of despair. The people of our community who make up Clay County CERT will use, apply, and uphold these values in all interactions with survivors, peers, and partners.

CERT Structure

Clay County CERT is an organization sponsored by Clay Volunteer Fire Department, comprising four divisions with subsequent offices, centers, bureaus, and teams. Each division has a coordinator with an organized reporting chain that is headed by the directors of Clay County CERT who report to the State Coordinator who is employed by, VolunteerWV, the state commission on volunteerism.

News & Announcements

Public Information Portal (PIP)

Find the most up to date press releases and news about Clay County CERT on our Public Information Portal. Once you access the PIP you can sign up for email notifications for when the latest news is posted! Click here to view!

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Disaster Internship Program (DIP)

Clay County CERT develops and implements programs and projects that promote disaster planning, training, mitigation, response,  prevention, and recovery for all-hazards. The new Disaster Internship Program is now providing an avenue for students to learn and give back. Click here to Get Started!

Our Vision for the Future

Build a more ready and resilient community by utilizing a whole of community approach to do the greatest good for the greatest number, in all phases of disaster.